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Thrift Marketing sells Thrift Acid-Free and Thrift Super-Pro Acid Drain Cleaners exclusively to the Wholesale Plumbing market. If you are a Wholesale Plumbing dealer or a plumber, you may purchase Thrift Acid-Free or Thrift Super-Pro Acid drain cleaners from any of the major wholesale distributors listed below.

If you are a wholesale plumbing distributor interested in establishing an account with Thrift Marketing Inc., contact us for information.

Wholesale Plumbing Distributors &
Where to Buy

(Listed below are a few select distributors)

Thrift Acid-Free and Thrift Super-Pro Acid Drain Cleaners
T-100 = Thrift 1 lb., T-200 = Thrift 2 lb., T-600 = Thrift 6 lb.
SP-32 = Super-Pro quart, SP-64 = Super-Pro half gallon

Distributor Name Product SKU#
Ace Plumbing, Heating & Electrical Supplies, Inc. T-100 T-100
667 South Delsea T-200 T-200
Vineland, NJ 08360 T-600 T-600
Ph: 856-692-9374 SP-32 SP-32
Fax: 856-696-8678 SP-128 SP-128 CB-32 CB-32
  CB-128 CB-128
APR Supply Co. T-100 T-100
749 Guilford Street T-200 T-200
Lebanon, PA 17046 T-600 T-600
Ph: 717-274-5999 CB-32 CB-32 CB-128 CB-128
  SP-32 SP-32
  SP-64 SP-64

B.E. Atlas Co.

T-100 T-100
4300 N. Kilpatrick Ave T-200 T-200
Chicago, IL 60641 T-600 T-600
Ph: 773-283-2550 SP-32 SP-32
Fax: 286-7820 SP-64 SP-64    
Beebe, Inc. T-100 T-100
6 Waverly Place T-200 T-200
Hamilton, NJ. 08609 T-600 T-600
Ph: 609-587-4340 CB-32 CB-32 CB-128 CB-128
  SP-32 SP-32
  SP-64 SP-64
Bell Supply Co. T-100 T-100
514 Corey Avenue T-200 T-200
Braddock, PA 15104 T-600 T-600
Ph: 412.351.0454 SP-32 SP-32
Fax: 412.351.0819 SP-64 SP-64
Brothers Plumbing & Heating Supply T-100 T-100
198 Saw Mill River Rd. T-200 T-200
Elmsford, NY 10523 T-600 T-600
  SP-32 SP-32
  SP-64 SP-64
Clark Devon T-100 T-100
6401 N. Clark T-200 T-200
Chicago, IL 60626 T-600 T-600
Ph: 773-764-3575 SP-32 SP-32
Fax: 773-764-4480 SP-64 SP-64    
Covenant Plumbing Supply T-100 T-100
145 Carnes Dr. T-200 T-200
Fayetteville, GA 30214 T-600 T-600
Ph: 770-716-0063 SP-32 SP-32
Fax: 770-716-5670 SP-128 SP-128
Dahl Supply T-100 T-100
910 Nottingham Rd, Suite S-11 T-200 T-200
Avon, CO 81620 T-600 T-600
Ph: 970-949-9101 SP-32 SP-32
  SP-128 SP-128
  CB-32 CB-32
  CB-128 CB-128
Davis Enterprises T-100 T-100
2508 Togo Street T-200 T-200
Vicksburg, MS 39180-4243 T-600 T-600
Ph: 601-630-9008 SP-32 SP-32
ldavisenterprises SP-64 SP-64
Duluth Plumbing Supplies T-100 T-100
332 W. Michigan St. T-200 T-200
Duluth, MN T-600 T-600
Ph: 218-722-3393 SP-32 SP-32
Fax: 218-722-3163 SP-64 SP-64    
Elmwood Supply T-100 T-100
7306 W. Grand Avenue T-200 T-200
Elmwood Park, IL 60707 T-600 T-600
Ph:708-453-8241 CB-32 TCB-32 CB-128 TCB-128
SP-32 TSP-32
  SP-64 TSP-64
Ferguson Enterprise T-100 T-100
P.O. Box 9406 T-200 T-200
Hampton, VA 23670 T-600 T-600
Ph: 615-365-0770 CB-32 TCB-32
  CB-128 TCB-128
  SP-32 TSP-32
  SP-64 TSP-64
Geck Plbg. & Htg. Supply T-100 T-100
620 Meigs St. T-200 T-200
Rochester, NY 14620 T-600 T-600
Ph: 585-271-8311 SP-32 SP-32
Fax: 585-271-7030 SP-64 SP-64       


Golden X Plumbing Supply T-100 T-100
8 N. Florida Ave. T-200 T-200
Inverness, FL 34453 T-600 T-600
Ph: 352-726-9349 SP-32 SP-32
Fax: 352-726-8516 SP-64 SP-64
Goodin Co. T-100 T-100
2700 N. 2nd St., North T-200 T-200
Minneapolis, MN 55411 T-600 T-600
Ph: 612-588-7811 SP-32 SP-32
  SP-64 SP-64
Great American Supply T-100 T-100
215 Walnut St. T-200 T-200
Lafayette, IN. 47905 T-600 T-600
Ph: 765-429-5560 SP-32 SP-32
Fax: 765-742-7277 SP-64 SP-64    
Hughes Supply T-100 TT-100
903 Brentwood Rd. T-200 TT-200
Daytona Beach, FL 32115 T-600 TT-600
Ph: 386-253-0551 SP-32 TSP-32
  SP-64 TSP-64
JMJ Parts, LLC T-100 TT-100
1025 Baltimore Hill Rd NE T-200 TT-200
Huntsville, AL T-600 TT-600
Office: 256-929-4482    
Cell: 256-919-9621    
Fax: 877-395-1454    
Knapp Supply T-100 24300024
420 South Ohio Ave T-200 24300026
Muncie, IN 47302 T-600 24300028
Ph: 765-288-1893 SP-32 24300032
Fax: 288-0610 CB-64 24300029 CB-128 24300031
Lincoln Supply T-100 HER20212
92-100 Lincoln Ave T-200 HER20214
Trenton, NJ  08607 T-600 HER20213
Ph: 609.396.5544    
Noland Supply T-100 7196868
2700 Warwick Blvd. T-200 7196876
Newport News, VA 30340 T-600 7723612
Ph: 757-928-9000 SP-32 8891046
  SP-64 8891038
North Shore Faucets, Inc. T-100 T-100
5628 Dempster St.. T-200 T-200
Morton Grove, IL 60053 T-600 T-600
Ph: 847-470-0306 CB-32 CB-32
CB-64 CB-64 SP-32 SP-32
  SP-64 SP-64
Park Supply of America T-100 T-100
2727 East 26th St. T-200 T-200
Minneapolis, MN 55406 T-600 T-600
Toll Free Ph: 800-877-9449, ext. 239 SP-32 SP-32
Fax: 800-344-2841 SP-64 SP-64    
PDQ Supply Inc. T-100 T-100
901 N. Raddant T-200 T-200
Batavia, IL 60510-4216 T-600 T-600
Ph: 800-843-0903 SP-32 SP-32
Fax: 800-344-1848 SP-64 SP-64    
Penn Supply T-100 T-100
618 E. State St. T-200 T-200
Trenton, NJ 08609 T-600 T-600
Ph: 609-394-1151 CB-32 CB-32
CB-128 CB-128
  SP-32 SP-32
  SP-128 SP-128
Pickrel Bros. Inc. T-100 T-100
901 South Perry St. T-200 T-200
Dayton, OH 45402 T-600 T-600
Ph: 937-461-5960 CB-32 CB-32 CB-128 CB-128
  SP-32 SP-32
  SP-128 SP-128
Plumb Supply Company T-100 T-100
1622 N.E. 51st Avenue T-200 T-200
Des Moines, IA 50306 T-600 T-600
Ph: 515-262-9511 CB-32 CB-32 CB-128 CB-128
  SP-32 SP-32
  SP-128 SP-128
SPS Companies T-100 T-100
6363 State Hwy 7 T-200 T-200
Saint Louis Park, MN 55416 T-600 T-600
  CB-32 CB-32 CB-128 CB-128
  SP-32 SP-32
  SP-128 SP-128
Star Supply T-100 T-100
410 Syndicate St. North T-200 T-200
St. Paul, MN 55104 T-600 T-600
Ph: 651-644-3668 SP-32 SP-32 SP-64 SP-64
Wholesale Supply Group, Inc. T-100 T-100
Corporate Headquarters T-200 T-200
885 Keith Street T-600 T-600
Cleveland, TN 37311 SP-32 SP-32
Ph: 423-479-5997 SP-64 SP-64
Fax: 423-479-2644    
Winnick Supply  T-100 T-100
92 SW 11th Ave T-200 T-200
Forest Lake, MN 55025 T-600 T-600
Ph: 651-464-3920 CB-32 CB-32
CB-64 CB-64 SP-32 SP-32
  SP-64 SP-64
Winthrop Supply Company T-100 T-100
4851 Winthrop Ave. T-200 T-200
Indianapolis, IN 46205 T-600 T-600
Ph: (317) 926-5367 SP-32 SP-32
Ph: (877) 926-5367 SP-64 SP-64    
WinWholesale Inc. T-100 T-100
3110 Kettering Blvd. T-200 T-200
Dayton, OH 45439 T-600 T-600
Ph: 937-294-5331 SP-32 SP-32
Fax: 937-293-9591 SP-64 SP-64    
Woodruff Co. T-100 T-100
P.O. Box 279 T-200 T-200
Rochester, MN T-600 T-600
Ph: 507-285-2500 SP-32 SP-32
  SP-64 SP-64
World Wide Plumbing T-100 T-100
Main Office & Warehouse T-200 T-200
4002 15th Avenue T-600 T-600
Brooklyn, NY 11218    
Ph: 718-853-3000    
Fax: 718-853-3056    




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